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Asia’s Four Little Dragons

By Ata Alban AkgunAsia’ four little dragons: Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea and Singapore.

The reason why english call them “Asia’s Four Little Dragons” is the powerful economy they have. After US has pointed it out all maritime sectors started to keep an eye on ports of Singapore’s that are growing day by day.

Singapore Ports

Singapore Ports

According to AAPA’s (American Association of Port Authorities) gradation ports of Singapore increasingly take the lead in Asia.

ASMI (Association of Singapore Marine Industries) manages a project called “Singapore Port Project” since 1968. It is said that the success of this project is achieved by means of international marketing and privatization.Most of the ports in Singapore are operated by world’s leading business managers. Competition of the managers provides earnings and continuous development.

Pasir Panjang Port that is situated in Singapore contains within itself super post-panamax cranes which are the biggest in the world.


Pasir-Panjang Port

Over 5 thousand establishments registered to MPA (Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore) provides services such as transportation, naval engineering, port facilities, maintenance, repair, drydocking, etc.Every year over 140.000 ships visit ports of Singapore in order to benefit from these services.


Jurong Port

170.000 people are employed in the ports of Singapore where the pupulation of the country is 5 million. 70% of the maritime transactions in the Asia are conducted in Singapore. The most significant ports in Singapure are Jurong Port and PSA International (Pasir Panjang).

Added By: Gamze Nur Yalcin
Translated By: Cem Kutukoglu

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