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EU funded SEAHORSE Project Survey

SEAHORSE LogoThis survey is conducted as part of European Union SEAHORSE (Safety Enhancements in transport by Achieving Human Orientated Resilient Shipping Environment) project, which aims to achieve meaningful improvements in shipping safety by addressing human and organisational factors.

One of the key problems in shipping operations that SEAHORSE Project is aiming to tackle is the fact that on board procedures are designed by people who may not have enough on-board experience while their main motivation is to satisfy the rules, requirements or vetting process. Therefore, even though the defined procedures on paper looks realistic, it may not be practical to be followed on board by crew members due to many reasons.

In aviation industry safety of operations have critical importance, therefore, developing standard best practice procedures for flight operations are aimed to match daily practices. However, aviation industry is putting a lot of effort to understand how these procedures are perceived by the crew on board. For example, aviation sector aims to seek advice from crew when after a procedure is implemented. Especially if a procedure is not being followed by crew members, the underlying reasons why that procedure is not followed is captured to improve the procedure replica watches and better procedure is designed by matching the practical needs of crew and operations without sacrificing safety.

SEAHORSE Project’s main aim is to achieve resilient shipping operations through engaging with seafarers. Believing that by capturing the views of seafarers who are the only people directly involved with these procedures in their daily life, the current procedures can actually be improved. Furthermore investigating the most complained problems within the procedures rolex replica watches and identifying underlying reasons will allow the team to apply improvements resulting in smart on-board standard procedures. The improved procedures are aimed to be practical for crew on board to follow and therefore resulting in safer and more efficient shipping operations.

Therefore in this survey it is aimed to capture invaluable views of seafarers related to current standard procedures.

Those who have fulfilled at least the sea training would be more beneficial to implement the survey. Please click on the link below to undertake the questionnaire and should you wish to obtain more information in regard to the project, please visit the website www. seahorseproject.eu

Link: https://adobeformscentral.com/?f=si1Da6l9AFkidZRac8XpIA

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