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37th International Waterbike Regatta

Piri-Reis-Üniversitesi-Logo-YeniIWR (International Waterbike Regatta) was found in 1980. The aim is to enable students to put theoretical knowledge into practice and to advance exchange among students. Waterbikes were designed and built by students in various disciplines, these waterbikes races against each other.

IWR has been carrying on activities in various European countries such as Germany, Poland, Turkey, Croatia, France, Netherlands, Italy, rolex replica Sweden Russia and Norway. It is the annual highlight for students from several European countries.

In 2016, there were 8 countries, 20 teams, 43 boats and more than 300 naval architecture students.

IWR consists of the following competitions:
– 100m Sprint
– Slalom

Forward-Stop-Backward (FSB)
– Acceleration (10m sprint)
– Bollard Pull
– Long Distance
– Secret Mission
– Overall-Performance

In this competitions, Turkey participates with 3 Teams. These teams are;
– Piri Reis University with Karbonat
– Istanbul Technical University with Ankara and Ugur
– Karadeniz Technical University with Barbaros, which is a new team from Turkey

End of the 37th IWR PRUWBT Piri Reis University Waterbike Team with Karbonat;
– 1st place on 100m Sprint with 18.02 sec the shortest time of all the past years
– 1st place on 10m Acceleration with 3.150 sec

Other results are given official IWR website whose link is below.
Link: www.iwr2016.at/Results.html

In the past year improvements on Karbonat which was developed PRUWBT, were crowd-pulling. Main sponsors of PRUWBT were Piri Reis University, Özata Shipyard, Metyx and Türk Loydu.

37th International Waterbike Regatta

37th IWBR


International Waterbike Regatta

Writed By: Ata Alban Akgün

Added By: Ayşe Kırıcı

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