Why merchant master mariners wear white uniforms?

Why merchant master mariners wear white uniforms-LogoA quick thinking gave me some logical and funny reasoning. When equal amounts of Red, Green and Blue light are combined, they produce white light. In fact, White is a combination of rainbow colors VIBGYOR (Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red. By the way, white in fact, is not in the color spectrum, which brings us to another point; that white is not a color after all.) Now let us see if the following reasons are funny, nonsense or plausible:

White is the symbol of peace: In olden days, seafarers traveled to different countries to explore the world. They achieved this as messengers of peace. Moreover, white is more visible even on low light or in darkness. Ships are not free from electrical power failures, blackouts and to give distress calls. White uniforms help easy identification to provide Search and Rescue.

Do you know that seven colors integrated would give white color? In symbolism, one could easily conclude that white is the sign of integration of the seven seas. To the ancients, “seven” often meant “many,” and before the fifteenth century, the many seas of the world were: the Red Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Persian Gulf, Black Sea, Adriatic Sea, Caspian Sea and the Indian Ocean.Today, the world ocean is generally divided into four main oceans: the Arctic Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. The seven seas symbolize the global and boundary-less coverage of seafarers to navigate even in un-chartered waters.

Looking back in history, the color of the first ever clothes worn, was white only. In modern Sudan, white is the color of their cotton national dress. Indeed, cotton was the widely used material for making clothes in olden days which is white in color. Navy, being the oldest global profession, used the color white of the clothes worn by the seafarers. The process of dyeing or coloring the clothes were evolved later.

In ships, high priority is given to good health and hygiene. Dirt on white uniforms can be noticed easily and reminds seafarers to wear clean uniforms always to remain in good health. In other words, white helps to keep the doctor away.Besides, rolex replica watches an officer in white is cool and smart. By the way, white totally reflects heat and in tough situations the officer in white is in full control – exuding patience, elan and confidence.

I believe that impeccable white uniforms simply looks great. It brings respect and gives added value to the look. Not only that. One in white always deserves a second and maybe a third look. White is associated with the feelings of youthful innocence, peace, and it reminds the viewers, that of bride, quiet flowing water, snow, dove, and cotton. These associations definitely attract the opposite sex. Also, white elicits the feelings of loneliness and boredom.

Source: Dr. Nila L. Filamor
Editing by: Cem Kütükoğlu
Added by: Gamze Nur Yalçın

Why merchant master mariners wear white uniforms

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