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Süreç 1The development of our site has been commenced and in still progress since the end of 2009 and all research, assessments have been carried out considering the related phases deemed to be of necessity up to the 09th July in 2011. Before the commencement of all these work, information and documents of relevance have been gathered pointing the main idea from professionals, academicians and bureaucrats all round.

On the 09th of July in 2011, having secured the domain as “e-MarineEducation.com” the work was initiated effectively. On the 17th of July in 2011, logo was designed and promoted. The projection of the site was accomplished on the 07th of August in 2011. On the 17th of August in 2011, programming of the was completed and the context came into view. On the 12th of September in 2011, the one part of the site in Turkish was published and ready to get visits. As for the other part in English, 12th of September in 2012 is the date of activation. Currently the whole organisation scheme has volunteers.

e-MarineEducation.com is the one and only web based project in Turkey and is directly relevant to comprise maritime education having a broad international aspect. At the same time amongst the web sites of maritime education, e-MarineEducation.com is herewith the only one directly relevant to consider Maritime Education.

e-MarineEducation.com has all the time a supportive information as a content up to date with respect to the institutions and organisations on maritime studies. The aim and objectives are simply to acquire and represent effective response for those wishing to study Nautical Studies so well as storing information and knowledge as a guide to visitors and students.

e-MarineEducation.com makes a world of difference within its unique course, one of which is e-MarEdu Radio. Stating a unique issue, a live broadcast web channel comes into presence, visitors becomes so available as to deliver questions or ideas throughout the chat panel. Likewise the channel and the whole broadcast is recorded and published to let the visitor have a chance to listen all the way again.

Surveys and questionnaires are analysed online within e-MarineEducation.com. The topics are assigned by not only administration also academicians in case they need gathering any sort of data. Findings, then, are published in both free-of-charge article named “Mavi Eğitim” and web site itself.

Taking as principle of implying original content, whatever published in e-MarineEducation.com has been referenced within articles in education centres, dissertations of various grades and assignments. Moreover e-MarineEducation.com has achieved to get recognition via one of the articles named “Denizde Kadın Eteği” which is referenced in a project led by European Bank of Reconstruction and Development in England, Sweden and Turkey.

Considering the fact that we are unique media in Maritime Education, we do still and promptly carry on our progress responsibly as usual for such news and articles aforementioned are published in many journals and in websites.

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