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Maritime Profession

Maritime is presumed to be one of the most difficult professions in the world. Working conditions and earning depend upon the qualifications, education, experience and language skills of the applicant as well as type, tonnage and navigation zone of the ship and no doubt the policy of the company.

You will first begin to work attaining a high level of income in terms of money considering the economical facts in Turkey. Over and above provided that you have a certificate of Unlimited Oceangoing Master, you will need no worries to find a placement with ease. Limited Certificates of Competency trained and acquired under the scope of high schools, courses and vocational high schools are not in these days in force.

To say the least in general as for those trained and educated in undergraduate programme and eventually qualified as Unlimited Oceangoing Officers or Engineer Officers of the Watch, they have opportunity to work on board ships in Turkish Merchant Navy earning in between $2500 – $4300 on monthly basis. Officers or engineer officers of the watch educated in high schools, vocational high schools or courses serve on board ships of less than 3000 GRT related to a limited certificate of competency earning in between $1000 – $2800; it is barely becoming hard to find a job day by day. That being the case causes downfall in the salary of a verity.

Maritime Profession has pearls and pitfalls to be sure likewise all other professions. You will be away from the family for some months. There is no internet access in the most of the ships in Turkish Merchant Navy. For this reason the only chance to keep in touch may be to use the satellite phone and internet facilities during the stay at port. The cost of the internet for use may change depending the country or area you will stay. The cost of using the satellite phone on board ship is approximately 1 dollars per minute. Separation from the family, friends and loved ones may causes displeasure in social life and some splits may occur.

On the other hand maritime profession enables you to visit many countries and familiarise different cultures. That sort of opportunity is needless to say mostly available in case you work on board general cargo vessels. To illustrate if you plan to work on tankers or container vessels, your stay at port will in comparison be shorter. As a matter of fact that short period of time is one of the essential factors regarding the earnings and salary of high profile for those working on board tankers and container vessels.

Maritime industry enables you to have prestigious profession. When you mention about it, many will be all ears and pleased to know. Living and working conditions on board or experiences in the countries of outside are of so intriguing by and large.

Life at sea is tough. In case of deteriorating weather conditions causing gusts and swells at sea and if the ship has small tonnage inter alia, it could be so hard to sleep. However you will need to keep working sleeplessly. You do the laundry and ironing on own. You have your own cabin thyself need to keep clean. There are usually own bathrooms in the cabins. You may see the sample cabin pictures visiting the “Pictures” section in the site.

To appreciate a profession depends upon the working conditions. A seafarer working on a pleasure craft may be satisfied and delighted with the job, nonetheless one working on a huge vessel of 100.000 tonnes could not be happy at all or vice versa.

Working on board ships in Turkish Merchant Navy does commonly have tough conditions. There are numerous ships of companies having shortage on provisions and spare parts aboard; delayed payments of salary; late disembarkation of personnel accomplished the term in contract; expectation of service by personnel of serflike. Under such circumstances foreign companies provide better standards for sure, however Turkish Officers may sometimes not be allowed to serve in the foreign companies for some reasons such as unawareness of safety and security, inadequate language skills and being a Turkish national. For good and all since maritime is a global profession and provided that a seafarer enjoying to work as well as having sufficient language skills, s/he is one up of others to find a placement of fair standards. Although the salaries of the officers in Turkish companies are nearly same to foreigners, there is much difference in the working conditions and accommodation.

If an officer plans to work aboard Turkish Merchant Navy, s/he should prefer to choose a company already overcome the institutionalisation period being a well known and respected within the sector. That being the case will enable the employee to reach the career goal in good standards.

The ships are split into four types namely tanker, general cargo vessel, container vessel and RO-RO. In this category, the highest salary is paid working on tankers admitting that high qualified personnel is serving on tankers. But tankers are not occasionally preferred by seafarers due to short stay at port and risks regarding working conditions.

The management on board ship is based on the system of hierarchy and chain of command. You need to comply with and abide by the principles and follow the orders given by seniors at all times without questioning.

It is relatively hard for an officer to find a suitable job ashore without gaining some experience at sea. Even if a job is attained, it is comparatively hard to earn respect of the people around.

You may find the answers to your queries with respect to Maritime in the section “Area of Interest”. Therefore we do recommend you to visit that part of our page.

This article we have written may have left a negative impression on you in the sense of Maritime, yet it would not be the third of the most difficult professions if there were no such complications.

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