Akin Gokyay’s Chess Collection of Maritime Theme

Akin Gokyay, Chief Executive Officer of Nurus, has been exhibiting some part (one third) of his chess collections of maritime theme, which he has gathered from nearly 100 different countries since1975, in a showroom in Levent / Istanbul /Turkey.

Gokyay, having started to learn chess under favour of his father, a mMaths teacher, did finally achieve to take part in Guinness World Records by his ultimate efforts for 37 years on the 30th January in 2012.

All parts of 412 pieces of chess collection owned by Akın Gökyay has been made of leather, metal, rice, marble, glass, fishbone and such like. As for the ones he has purchased have the price varying in between $200 and $1,300.

There are too some collections featuring the themes from Smurfs, Red Kit, Lord of the Rings as well as some political confrontations, sport competitions and cultural patterns.

Likewise within the collection there are themes exposing maritime industry. You can see a few sample illustrations below.

Translation By: Burak Konakoglu

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