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Maritime Shipping in Turkey

Written by Aytunç YıldırımDefinition of Maritime Shipping
Egyptians has carried out the maritime shipping first time in 3200 BC through the transport they have done with their boats along the coasts. After exploration of America, maritime shipping became important. Shipping which is done via seaway is called as maritime shipping or it is known as the transportation of people or goods by vessels from a port to another one. Mainly it goes into two divisions; coastal shipping and international shipping.

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Differences Between Coastal and International Shipping
Coastal Shipping: it contains a service, doesn’t interest foreign markets, regarding domestic market. The vessel can do transport like that in its flag state. International Shipping: it contains the service which is carried out in accordance with international trade conditions, regarding international market.

Importance of Maritime Shipping for Turkey
There are many types of shipping. The most productive and cheapest shipping is maritime shipping. Turkey is surrounded by seas. That’s why the maritime shipping is important for Turkey. There is marine traffic in Turkey because of its position and natural structure. For this reason, Turkey has a role in international maritime shipping. Although Turkey is surrounded by the seas, coastal shipping was doing by foreign states till Lozan Peace Agreement. After that agreement Turkey has gained coastal shipping rights.

Maritime shipping is improving day by day and Turkey has a great chace to involve in maritime shipping. As mentioned above Turkey is surrounded by seas rolex replica and its position and natural structure makes it sufficient for this shipping. Geopolitical position of Turkey increases the marine traffic. For instance, countries in Black Sea have to pass Turkey’s starit to go Mediterranean.

As mentioned above Turkey has a great chance to have a voice for maritime shipping at least in Mediterranean. Turkey has many gulfs so we can assume that those gulfs are natural ports. If Turkey can develope the ports it can be more effective in maritime shipping. If we consider according to Turkey’s position I think Turkey isn’t efficient in maritime shipping enough.

Maritime Shipping in Turkey

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