How long is the Resting Time for Seafarers?

The time specifications for resting of seafarers on board ship are determined within the scope of Standards of Training Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW) convention and International Labour Organisation (ILO). Both conventions have been collateral to each other. In compliance with these conventions, the related regulations have been specified as below.

– Resting time shall not be less than 77 hours within 7 days period.

– Resting time shall not be less than 10 hours within 24 hours period.

– Resting time shall not be split into more than 2 timeframes within 24 hours period.

– One part of two timeframes shall not be less than 6 hours within 24 hours period.

– The duration between the resting times shall not be more than 14 hours.

The regulations specified above may merely be suspended in the event of unusual circumstances raised by the Master of the ship in case of those listed below. Having overcome unusual circumstances concerned, seafarers demanded to serve in resting period should be allowed to rest sufficiently.

– Distress concerning the safety of the crew

– Distress concerning safety of the ship

– Danger concerning the safety of cargo on board

– Vessel(s) in distress at sea

– Person(s) in distress at sea

Translation By: Burak Konakoglu

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  • Johannes Arnold Bessie

    Jul 13 2015 tarihinde 03:23'de yazıldı.


    Resting time must be recorded by each crew in Rest hour periode form day by day every month then signed and submit to head of Department then Ship’s Master for aknowledged. All monthly resting time peroides must be kept on board ship for reference in case of necessary.

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