Do Officers Wear Uniform in Merchant Navy?

Except for the passenger ships, wearing uniform on board other types of ships is related to policy of the company.

On board passenger ships, inclusive of in general officers, crew and cadets wear seasonally uniform  of two forms namely such as Black form in winter and White form in summer. Both on duty and free the personnel keep dressed on board ship. Those working under the conditions of engineering and technical concepts such as engineering officers and electricians put on workwear on duty. In free time they afresh put on uniform back.

As said previously, company policy prescribes how officers will get dressed on other vessels of merchant navy. White form or black form is not prescribed within the policy of any company. If uniform is stated in the policy, that is meant to be the one of khaki for work. That sort is exclusively dressed while at ports, shipyards, pilotage areas having all identical nature of work which therewithal covers the occasions that the vessel may have visitors. For that the officers get dressed on workwear both at watch and other times. As for engineering officers, they get dressed khaki while on duty and put on workwear at other times.

During the watchkeeping times, deck officers do wear daily clothing while engineering officers put on khaki. As for the accommodation all officers put on uniform.

The cadets carrying out sea training on board ship do properly conform to the clothing type of officers.

Translation By: Burak Konakoglu

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