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The Ballast-Free Ship Concept

The study on The Ballast-Free Ship Concept was first commenced in University of Michigan in 2002. At the end of 2004 the primary data obtained during the annual meeting by the the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers was announced. With this particular concept, it is planned to reduce the effect to the environment caused by ballast operation and procure the disposition of fuel oil deemed to be necessary by IMO. Besides Ballast Treatment System will also be excluded based upon this concept.

The ballast in the tanks is a load on board ship. That hereby requires more effective power for the ship. The more the power is acquired, the more fuel main engine does consume. Therefore since the ballast will not be stored on board with this concept, the power required and fuel to consume are anticipated to decrease comparatively.

The ballast stored consists of microorganisms and such livings. When the ballast in the tanks is drained in another region, these livings thus move there. There are rules and regulations to prevent such pollution, nevertheless Ballast-Free Ship Concept is a sort of solution for that issue. Whereby this concept no treatment will be necessary before drainage.

There are two holes or just one at both forward and aft parts of the ship. Sea water runs into the holes on bulb or on both sides of the bulb and eventually pops out the holes near the propeller. Ballast tanks do not exist on board having that concept and no ballast is stored by all means. As the sea water runs into the ship at forward and gets out of the ship at aft. In case required valves on entrance and excitation could be sealed. Having sealed the valves, the ballast on board could be pumped out.

As for those academicians and guests wishing to study or do academic research in details, I do recommend to have a peep at the file linked below. The file implies substantial information and representation on this particular experimental work.

Translation By: Burak Konakoglu

The Ballast-Free Ship Concept

Inlet at Forward (Above the Bulb)

Outlet at Aft

  • antony123

    Dec 29 2016 tarihinde 08:06'de yazıldı.


    super and very good concepts

  • Magne Rødland

    Jan 31 2018 tarihinde 14:55'de yazıldı.


    I read your article abt. ballast free ship. To inform you, I started working With my ide Ceobas.no during a trip on the grats Lakes in 1976 when I had problems in getting permission to discharg our ballast. water .

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