Problems Encountered in Allocation of Trainee for Sea Training

First of all whatever the profession is the beginning is based on being a trainee. Moreover it is of paramount essential to attend training in education institutions. As for the maritime industry, sea training is not related with any preferences by institutions. Sea training is to be accomplished on board qualified vessels for an allocated period of time for cadets wishing to work as officers and ultimately masters on board ship. However in the beginning it has not always been easy for many candidates to find out a placement as a trainee. Personal backgrounds are produced, close connection is propounded and staff manager is therein visited. Nevertheless since the staff managers unremarkably loose the sight of their past, they do not hold the candidate esteem at all. Unfortunately that is the case in fact in relation with such saying “Humanity dies of common sense as the people become disregardful of their past.”

In this article of mine, I would like to share a few probable reasons for trainees trying to find out a suitable and remarkable placement on board ship in terms of sea training. There could be some I may have forgot; please consider them attached as well.

1. Supply and Demand Equilibrium

It has become an intention to set up new education institutions within maritime industry considering the unemployment issues. Apart from those planned beforehand, a university is hereby coming up with an idea to establish a maritime faculty within own scope. That is fine goal to be sure, even so is the industry aforesaid required more seamen? During the discussions with respect to paramount necessity for more seamen all over the world, I suppose the own state of such countries is not under consideration. Therefore those unemployed are trying to find out suitable placement on board ships from countries outward  or encountering in threat of unemployment.

2. Inability of Executive Authorities to Produce Tangible Solution

It is highly difficult to condition a placement for trainees via company regulations. I have carried out my sea training in a British company having a high number of trainees. I have realised an interesting case. The company had been a bit shy about some trainees from a few countries. Then I have decided to seek after this particular case. Some countries have been promoting the trainees they have appointed and profoundly retaining them. Since the company has employed the trainee, the country has paid to company. To illustrate, for a British cadet employed in another country, the British Government has been paying to company on a monthly basis. I am quite aware that every country does not have same sort of feasibility for such support, nevertheless I do believe that this scene or case for effective employment ought to find a settlement.

3. Credential Deficiency (Referencing)

The reference is generally provided by a close contact or an instructor in the education centre. The beginners in such profession may not be able to get in the common circle with ease. The instructors merely admits to suggest the ones successful. The students of umpteen number may thereby not possess remarkable reference. As for the companies the reference is of paramount importance. Although it is likely to raise more, to narrow down with a few examples; the trainee attending on board ship may be in a way of unbefitting character or may not be enduring to sea life and conditions. Thus it is a peril to assign such trainee on board ship without reference.

4. Respect to Trainee by Company

Admitting that in the company it is woeful and general approach to beginners by experienced and high profile personnel, motivation of trainee is diminished due to connivance. Herewith it turns into an interception for employment.

5. Insufficient Education

The state of education may possibly be a probable reason of disregard to trainee. For certain experience is the best knowledge or tutor for people, but then school has passable effect as well. Candidate may have been trained for years but could have missed a few in this sense. Do we not come across with such candidates having ineligible knowledge, insufficient language proficiency or inefficient point of view regarding safety and security on board ships? In this respect when cadet does resolve the barrier of language proficiency, s/he may find a chance on working outer companies in other countries. The point is the challenge and self-confidence for appointment. Numerous candidates have been looking for a placement on board ship in their own countries as they suppose that would be more effortless. Whereas it is highly an alternative solution to find out one in one of the outward companies.

6. Support by Education Centres on Finding a Placement

There are many education centres and institutions all around the world. How many of those are signing a protocol with companies for the placement of trainees? Above all when you call upon an institute during the period of publicity, authorised personnel are advertising the foundation as unique with such saying “You will be able to obtain a high profile job, earn excessive amount money…” etc. When viewed from this aspect, I do leave it to you to take into consideration. How could it be a remarkable institute for education as they firstly need have declared the precision of finding a placement in the future? Having made a research on some companies you may come across with interesting points and wordings such as “We will take a chance on you for sea training and you do have an option to choose one of the companies concerned.” Moreover the companies mentioned are well known and leading all around the world. In other words these companies listed are aimed to have particular essence. Consequently it would be more agreeable to have offered such opportunities, would it not?

Translation By: Burak Konakoglu

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