Did You Somehow Happen to Know The Story Behind This Kiss?

I believe that many sailors, even not knowing the story behind in this photograph have frequently encountered it. It is one of those pictures, especially quite popular in social networking sites such as Facebook and frequently shared. Even not knowing anything about it…

This photo generally, published with the title of V- J Day (Victory over Japan Day) is also known with the names of V-Day and The Kiss. It was taken at the famous Times Square in New York City in the United States on August 14, 1945 by the photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt and published in Life magazine, dated August 27, 1945.

George Mendonsa and Greta Zimmer Friedman was the couple in that photo. Did not know each other until that moment when the picture was taken. They were even unaware of the fact that this image would then be regarded as one of the symbols of World War II ending and would also be just taken at that moment.

Greta Zimmer Friedman – George Mendonsa

Greta Zimmer Friedman describes the event in these words:

“I was working as a nurse at Doctor’s Hospital. A friend of mine told me that the World War II was to end. We all then went to Times Square for the celebrations. As we were walking down the street a sailor came by and kissed me. I could not get rid of him despite of my resistance.”

Whereas George Mendonsa describes the same event with his own following wordings:

“We were walking around with Rita Petry who now my wife is but was just my girlfriend at that moment. Suddenly I saw a nurse all in white dressing. Under the influence of taken alcohol at that time, leaving my dear- loved one Rita, I then grabbed the nurse and kissed her on the lips. Matter of fact when I first saw that picture I had even strained to remember properly that moment.”

George Mendonsa’s wife Rita Petry expresses her thoughts in these words:

“We all were extremely happy that the war was to end. I really did not feel anything as George kissed that nurse. Maybe if George were my fiancé or husband at that time, I would have felt different. However, I would say the fact that George did never kiss me like that.”

The picture being subject to various films, books and events maintains its popularity even today. Finally, in year 2012 it has been again came into question at the Fleet Week in the United States. Actress and singer Katy Perry together with a sailor have livened up the scene of that picture in the corresponding celebrations.


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Translation By: Huseyin Sahin

V-J Day

V-J Day

V-J Day (Farklı Açı)

V-J Day (Different View)

George Mendonca - Greta Friedman

George Mendonca – Greta Friedman

Katy Perry Fleet Week

Katy Perry – Fleet Week – The USA

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